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African Leadership Academy,
South Africa

Chris Bradford
Chemeli Tuiya Kipkorir
Norah Awori Oteri
Chidubem Daniel Okechi

Colegio Claustro Moderno,

Jorge A. Medellin Becerra
Magdalena Mejia Gaitan
Gabriela Delgado Gonzales
Maria I. Cedeno Marin

Garodia International Centre for Learning,

Mark Fox
Lalitha Rajagopalan Iyer
Sharon Das
Krish Mukesh Mehta

Johannes Kepler Grammar School,
Czech Republic

Jiří Růžička
Jarmila Škampová
Jana Hlávková
Melina Toumpaniari
Benedikt Straňák

Karachi Grammar School,

Colin Neill Wrigley
Yasmin Khan
Sameen Hayat
Rafae Omer Ghani

Montgomery Bell Academy,
United States

Bradford Gioia
Jim Womack
Armand Jhala
Steve Wood

Nada High School,

Magohiro Wada
Mark Aynsley
Kohsuke Tanigawa
Ryosuke Takashima

Raffles Institution,

Poh Meng Chan
Raphael Funwa Iluyomade
Chong Ee Hsiun
Isaac Leong Weng Yin

Shiyan Cooperation High School,

Sun Defeng
Sarah Quian Wang
Zheng Kai
Xin Xinran
Jing Rui

Winchester College,
United Kingdom

Ralph Townsend
Tim Parkinson
Laurence Wolff
James Anderson
Kieran Tam

African Leadership Academy, South Africa

We applied for the symposium because we have a deep interest in architecture and are both aware that the role that architecture plays on the African continent is increasingly becoming more prevalent. In a generation arguably responsible for what many may term the African Renaissance, we feel that being part of this symposium will expose us to different ideas concerning the built environment as well as people’s interactions within this environment, which would help us see architecture in a different perspective. We hope to use this experience in enriching the developments that will reflect the 21st Century African culture within architecture.

Chidubem Okechi and Norah Oteri

Colegio Claustro Moderno, Colombia
“Non scholae sed vitae”

I have been 13 years in my school, where I have been educated under the motto “Non scholae sed vitae” this latin phrase means that “We do not learn for the school, but for life”. My expectations about the symposium are based just on that, learning for life, not for school, to grow not only academically, but spiritually and mentally: as a person. I think that the fact of sharing with a group of people from all over the world, from different cultures, with different views on life, allows each and every participant to fill us of new ideas, new expectations and ways to see the world, but above all those things, to learn about the tolerance and sense of belonging not only to our country but to the social problems of the world. I think I was selected to represent my school in Prague, not only for my academic abilities, but because I have always been very clear to the sense of my school education and what it means to represent our motto anywhere in the world. My self-confidence on anything I do is based on keeping in mind where I come from, and where I want to go.

Maria Isabel Cedeno Marin, Gabriela Delgado Gonzales

He estado 13 anos en el Claustro Moderno, donde me han educado bajo el lema de “No es para la escuela sino para la vida”. Mis expectativas sobre el simposio se basan precisamente en eso, en aprender para la vida y no para la escuela, de crecer más que académicamente, espiritual y mentalmente, como persona. Me parece que el hecho de reunir un grupo de personas de todas partes del mundo, de diferentes culturas, con diferentes puntos de vista sobre la vida, permite que todos y cada uno de los participantes nos llenemos de nuevas ideas, nuevos expectativas y puntos de vista ante el mundo, pero ante todo de tolerancia y sentido de pertenencia no sólo con nuestro país sino con las problemáticas sociales del resto del mundo. Considero que fui seleccionada para representar a mi colegio en Praga, no sólo por mis capacidades académicas, sino porque siempre he tenido muy claro el sentido de la educación en mi colegio y lo que significa representar nuestro lema en cualquier parte del mundo. Mi seguridad en cualquier cosa que me propongo se basa en tener presente de dónde vengo y a dónde quiero llegar.

Maria Isabel Cedeno Marin, Gabriela Delgado Gonzales

Garodia International Centre for Learning, India

One with the world’. I aspire to become a global minded student and the International Symposium is a perfect platform to discuss issues of importance, meet new people, make friends and, more importantly, develop a global perspective. I am indeed very excited to be a part of the symposium in Prague and talk about art and architecture. The major challenge I face would be to effectively express my ideas as I am new to public speaking, however, I see this as an opportunity to better myself. I believe I was chosen because I like to think and come up with new ideas and love meeting new people.

I believe and agree with the motto ‘One with the world’. This inspires me to be a global citizen and have ideas and thoughts which are not limited to the country I live in, rather it makes me an openminded thinker. For me the international symposium is an opportunity to meet up with global minds, share and develop a better understanding and broaden my views and opinions about the world around us.

Krish Mehta

My participation in this year’s international symposium on “Art and Architecture” is a great opportunity since Visual Arts is one of my subjects in the diploma programme. I believe I was selected as a candidate for the symposium as I have good communication skills and a great desire to be a part of this program.

Sharon Das

Johannes Kepler Grammar School, Czech republic
“Per aspera ad astra”

As my final year of school approached I had to reach a decision on what I actually wanted to do with my life. As I am not of Czech origin and yet I live in Prague, during my time at elementary school many of our family friends from abroad would come to visit and I would guide them through Prague. As the years passed by I somehow ended up working part-time as a guide and I slowly acquired an interest in the city‘s buildings. To cut a long story short, I have set my mind on studying architecture. And by chance this year’s Symposium topic happens to be architecture! I am looking forward to meeting people from different environments and discussing specific architecture with them.

Melina Toumpaniari

Given its highly interesting theme, which is not necessarily the case with all international projects, I was drawn to the Johannes Kepler Winchester International Symposium the moment I happened to come across it. As a result I am looking forward to coming into contact with prominent speakers and other thinking people. From my point of view, meeting high standards is both a challenge and an expectation of the Symposium. I believe that erudition and communication skills are the essential prerequisites for inspirational dialogue between the representatives of different cultural circles.

Benedikt Straňák

S tím, jak se můj poslední rok na škole neustále přibližoval, musela jsem se rozhodnout, co vlastně chci udělat se svým životem. Vzhledem k tomu, že nejsem českého původu a žiju v Praze, během mého studia na základní škole mnozí rodinní přátele přijížděli na návštěvu a já je prováděla Prahou. S plynutím let jsem se náhodou dostala k práci průvodce a pomalu jsem začala mít zájem o budovy. Stručně řečeno jsem se rozhodla studovat architekturu. Těším se na setkání s lidmi z jiného prostředí a na hovory o nejrůznější architektuře.

Melina Toumpaniari

Johannes Kepler Winchester International Symposium mě zaujal v první řadě velmi zajímavým tématem, což není u mezinárodních projektů obvyklé. Doufám, že podobná byla i motivace ostatních účastníci a mohu se tak těšit na setkání se skupinou přemýšlivých lidí a znamenitých přednášejících. Výzvou, ale také očekáváním, je pro mě jak erudovanost, tak značné komunikační dovednosti. V obojím vidím předpoklad podnětné konfrontace různorodých kulturních okruhů.

Benedikt Straňák

Karachi Grammar School, Pakistan
“Indocti Discant - Let the unlearned learn Lucerna Meis Pedipus - A light at my feet”

This Symposium offers cultural enrichment, excitement and a fulfilling experience like no other. When I learnt that that the topic for JKWIS would be architecture this year I jumped at the opportunity to come to Prague as its serves as the perfect incubator to practically immerse oneself in exploring and appreciation of architecture. I feel I was chosen to attend the symposium because I had shown myself as an able researcher and capable public speaker who could embellish ideas presented through the spoken word. Above that, I feel it‘s because I demonstrated a desire to extend my education beyond the classroom into an interactive and holistic study of an innovative field in Pakistan. I feel the biggest challenge present in Prague would be my relative inexperience with the technicalities of architecture. Overall, I am tremendously excited to attend this year‘s Symposium, where I will be able to grow and benefit though, my experiences with a diverse group of students and instructors.

Rafae Omer Ghani

The main reason why I became interested in this Symposium was the beautiful city of Prague has always fascinated me, one that I had frequently read about and looked forward to visiting. After having worked towards the Symposium all these months I think the biggest challenge will be speaking with some authority on the subject of architecture as I feel there is still so much to learn about it. However, I am very excited about the prospect of debating this topic on an international platform with a diverse array of students and, together I do believe we are capable of enriching the discussion. Additionally, I believe my extensive experience in debating both on a regional and national level will further help me in this experience as it has provided me with the confidence to make my voice heard amongst the many other talented students.

Sameen Hayat

Montgomery Bell Academy, United States

The Montgomery Bell Academy student body and faculty strive towards the ideal of „Gentleman, Scholar, Athlete.“ Students are expected to be well-rounded and virtuous, performing well both in the classroom and out. MBA offers its students opportunities in the visual and performing arts in addition to a wide variety of activities beyond academics: competitive varsity sports, interstate forensic competition, community service, and extra-curricular clubs. Academic rigor and diverse school activities combine to form the MBA ideal.

Nada High School, Japan

Hi! I‘m Ryosuke Takashima. I enjoy debating, travel, and taking photos. I‘m the president of our school‘s student council, and I took part in the International Model United Nations conference last year. Through these experiences, I think it‘s interesting to discuss, talk, and play with friends who have different backgrounds, especially friends abroad. In addition, my father is an architect and I‘m interested in architecture, which I think is a fruit of collaboration between humanities, science, and art.

Hi, my name’s Kohsuke Tanigawa. I’m 17, and I love music and books. I also play rugby (prop forward) for my school team. It’s my belief that what we know and how we think remains relatively limited if we stay in one environment and do nothing, so I was searching for a new source of stimulation when I came across JKWIS. I also happen to have a bit of an interest in architecture, so that’s why I applied.

It‘s a great honor for both of us to participate in the JKWIS, and we hope to have a great experience in Prague, and we will try to absorb as much as we can from interaction with the other students there.

Raffles Institution, Singapore

Interestingly, both of us never shared a particular interest in architecture before participating in this symposium. But we both shared the same goal of wanting to meet new people and hear their (very diverse) perspectives on a topic as farreaching as architecture! We hope that through the course of the symposium, we will also be able to share about the uniqueness of the Singaporean society and how it has influenced local architecture. Through working on our 4 essay submissions and our personal project, we have been exposed to key concepts about space and identity that have no easy answer, but we hope to have asked important questions that shed more insight into these issues.

However, this journey has not always been smoothsailing. Juggling our personal project, school work and other school activities has proved to be challenging, but we are extremely grateful to have a very supportive teacher mentoring us and a group of dedicated friends backing us up from Singapore.

Isaac Leong, Ee Hsiun

Shiyan Cooperation High School, China

We were chosen to participate the forum honorable with continuing practice and obsession. We expect to have a better comprehend and communication with the parters of the forum. Because most of the other participants are native speakers, we may have a lot of stress to trade ideas with them cause the english umporficient. Whereas we believe that practise makes perfect, we will do our best to blend in the forum as far as we can and have a goos time with our insight of architecture.

Xinran Xin

My motto is ‚no pain ,no gain‘ exactly. The reason why I apply for the participation in this Int. Symp. is I want to broaden my view as well as my scope of knowledge, I also want to know more about foreign culture. What I cares most is my vocabulary, I‘m afraid that the amount of the words I know is not enough, but I‘m tying to remember more words now. I expect to make some foreign friends during the period in Czech Republic. As for why I was chosen, maybe the reason lies in that I‘m a reliable man, although I‘m not so outgoing.

Jing Rui

Winchester College, United Kingdom

I applied for the Winchester College International Architecture Symposium, as I hope to study Architecture at university, and then pursue a further career in this diverse and fascinating field of work. I believe that Architecture is the right path for me to take as it sates the two overriding passions of mine that I have always had: physical creativity, and an understanding of how systems work and the mechanics of them. From what I have gleaned from reading around the subject, listening to radio programmes, watching documentaries and having talks with careers guidance, I feel that Architecture combines my two areas of interest, whilst still drawing on other disciplines as well, like an understanding of human emotions, or the feelings of a particular society or way of life; and then utilising these for a cause that is fundamental for the development of the world around us. I look forward greatly to meeting the other symposium participants who all seem very interested, and interesting! - As well as visiting the beautiful city that is Prague. I expect that the symposium will open up a field of different viewpoints about Architecture and the challenges of design that I will not have come across before.Isaac Leong and Ee Hsiun

James Anderson

I applied to participate in the International Symposium because I have always had a fascination with the sculptural and aesthetic qualities of architecture and also the idea of creating a space that people will passively interact with on a daily basis. I felt that participating in the Symposium would broaden my horizons in terms of what I knew about the topic and possibly even spark new interests as well. My strong interest in architecture is, in fact, why I was chosen as one of the school’s representatives. The main challenge I feel that I will face during my visit to Prague is that it will be very different to anything I’ve done before. I do not know what to expect except that it will be an excellent experience: meeting new people and learning new things. In a way, not knowing makes it all the more thrilling.

Kieran Tam

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